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Information Management

Gain control of your Data now! Leverage data insights to make better decisions, for the present and future. Streamline data management and establish the foundation needed to bring Data into your Asset fabric.

Custom Application Development

Challenging businesses requirement innovative solutions. That's where DataCaliper can help. Our expertise in an array of technologies can help your organization utilize tailor-made software that fits your needs. From simple website development to complex web applications, DataCaliper brings the right talent and technology to you.

 OnDemand Software

Discover how Software As A Service (SaaS) solutions help save you cost! Our SaaS products provide robust features through professional screens that offer a pleasant user experience. We are able to customize our software for any business need.

Big Data and Analytics

Time Series Analysis, Cluster Analysis, Multivariate Analysis, etc. offer innovative ways to gather analytics on data. DataCaliper has rich experience in this area in addition to Pattern Recognition, Computational Intelligence and Bayesian Analysis. We are leaders in this area and leverage our top-notch technical talent.