Data Analytics & Data Management

Data Analytics & Data Management:

The power of data is changing the world. Strong data is as valuable a resource and business asset as any other. Let’s put the power of this asset to work for your business.

DataCaliper’s data analytics and management services are focused on ingesting, storing, organizing and ultimately taking full advantage of the power of the data collected by your company. And - always doing so securely and efficiently. Our engineering leadership has established a well-tuned data management process to get reliable reporting and visualizations while utilizing the frontlines of modern technologies and best practices.

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DataCaliper’s Data Management Practice is Built Upon...


No data contradictions within one data store nor across multiple data stores.


The information your data reveals will be reliable and error-free.


The data gathered and analyzed will be more than sufficient for informing your business needs.


Your data will always be accessible and it will always be easily possible to trace any changes.


The information from data is only as useful and actionable as it is timely. Your analytics will represent a current reality and will do so in accordance with industry standards.


Duplicate data records are avoided, and redundancies/duplications will be reported and resolved quickly.


Your company’s data and insights will be presented (and stored) in a way that is ordered and intuitive.

Data Management Services

Data Governance Services

  • Data governance strategy and design for data retrievability, quality and modern security.
  • Best practices developed for user roles, responsibilities, etc., ensuring data consistency and proper usage.

Data Quality Management/Data Quality Assurance Services

  • Data cleansing practices implemented to reduce and eliminate duplicate, incomplete, incorrect or obsolete data will be regular.
  • Guidance for the integration of new data sources offered.

Master and Metadata Management Services

  • Master and metadata strategy developed
  • Data source assessments (including all internal and external sources) executed.
  • Master and metadata regionalization and de-duplication performed.
  • Standards/metrics established for master and metadata quality monitoring.

Data Integrations

  • Extract, transform, load (ETL) and/or extract, load, transform (ELT) build and testing services.
  • ETL/ELT automation development.
  • Data virtualization.

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence (BI) Development

  • Data warehouse development and deployment.
  • Business intelligence and data analytics infrastructure design and deployment.

Data Migrations

  • Security sensitive and critical data assessment.
  • Data migration strategy and planning.
  • Data migration automation development.
  • Data completeness testing and quality assurance testing.

Data Security Enhancements

  • Comprehensive risk assessments.
  • Security policies, standards, and best practice implementation.
  • Technology stack choice advice and guidance, to improve data security.

Data Architecture Reviews/Audits

  • Aligning corporate strategy with data architecture, and preforming data architecture audit.
  • Data warehouse and BI health and safety reviews. Security and performance monitoring, assessment, and reports.

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