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DataCaliper is a US-based custom software company, headquartered in Apex, North Carolina. We are founded on principles of quality, communication, transparency and an outcome-focus.

In 2008, the founders of DataCaliper foresaw the oncoming data tsunami and the evolution of BigData, and thus rightly adapted the name, "DataCaliper". Precise, accurate information is the mark of a caliper - and so, the name, DataCaliper was chosen to indicate the same diamond-edge precision found in our solutions and results.

At its infancy, back in 2008, a group of highly enthusiastic, technically outstanding individuals came together to start DataCaliper and they are now the driving force sustaining the momentum of our continued success stories.

DataCaliper has successfully added 139 clients to its portfolio, spanning many industries. Several state and local governments, non-profits as well as commercial organizations are now happy customers.

DataCaliper’s first customer is still a proud, satisfied customer today.

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Awards & Recognition

A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau
NC Tech Association Awards Finalist: “Tech for Good” - 2020
Cary, NC Chamber of Commerce Finalist: “Impact Award” - 2019
Voted Among Top Web-Development Startups in NC by The Startup Pill Magazine – 2021
NC Tech Association Awards Finalist: “BIOTECH, MEDTECH + LIFE SCIENCES” - 2021
NC Tech Association Awards Winner: “TECH DIVERSITY, EQUITY + INCLUSION” - 2021

Our Ideals:


Quality control and solid QA practices are fundamental to a successful software design and development company, and to having satisfied clients. DataCaliper takes quality seriously. Because we hire from the top tier of software developers, and by utilizing the very front-lines of software testing tools and technologies coupled with modern testing best-practices, quality has become a signature characteristic of our work.


One thing that sets DataCaliper apart as a unique software development company is our belief in the pride that a software developer should feel - both in their own work, and as part of their team. They should understand the client’s mission, services and ideals (not just their software requirements), and be truly proud to be part of that mission. These positive feelings show through, passing into their quality of work and leaving the client with a product they can be proud of too.

Creativity and Innovation

Innovation and creativity will always have special importance to us as a software design and development company. The wisdom that is required here is in understanding when an innovative approach is a value-add, and when it is in fact a research project and has a cost.

For a software company that creates business software, awareness of this distinction is very important. DataCaliper encourages every software developer to be creative and to be constantly looking for innovative value-add potential across a system. However, we also encourage them to be disciplined and to work efficiently by following industry standard methodologies whenever appropriate.

Transparency and Communication

Programming software is a team sport - and like any team sport communication is key. At DataCaliper we believe that it's only through collaboration and constant communication that the best possible software product or service is delivered.

In today’s connected world, we have the tools needed to make communication a breeze, and DataCaliper's engineering and client services teams take full advantage of them. With full collaboration during planning stages, regular check-ins, open daily stand-ups and an Agile software development methodology – transparency is part of who we are.

Customer Service

DataCaliper is a client-oriented software design company with an "At-Your-Service" attitude. We are happy to follow your lead or to take it and guide your team through the entire process. Our only goals are to achieve the highest quality standards possible and to have the happiest of clients.


Healthy business relationships are built on trust. That's why we offer very competitive pricing that is not only simple and clear from the start, but throughout any relationship.

High-Quality Engineers

DataCaliper’s team of more than 100 software experts was developed over time, through personal and professional relationships and handpicked from the best in the industry. At DataCaliper’s most basic, it is the job of each and every software developer to embody our ideals individually, and this is why our development team is heavily comprised of senior-level software developers and experts who have seen it all. Our engineers are more than able and ready to help.


We've built custom applications for organizations in many industries, including; education, healthcare, agriculture, pharmacy, eCommerce, IoT, construction/housing, industrial, non-profits, government and more. DataCaliper has been in business for over a decade and was founded by technologists with decades of technology experience. Allow our time-tested know-how to save your business the costs of trial and error which we've already experienced. No more guessing when it comes to your company’s technology. You can be confident in your systems, and the direction they are heading, with DataCaliper’s expert guidance behind them.

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