IOT Technology Services

IOT Technology Services:

DataCaliper is experienced in enabling connected smart devices (and their gathered data) to create value for your business.

Our IoT practice will help you design, build and deploy a technology solution that leverages the capabilities of Microsoft Azure, AWS, GCP, or any other Cloud services/servers to make valuable, actionable insights of your company’s data. We will help you connect, structure, store and analyze your data in ways that add real value and a competitive advantage.

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Connect and Configure

Link sensors and devices to enable data collection. IoT technology has changed the game by enabling organizations to gather and analyze data from any number of connected devices - from anywhere in the world. DataCaliper is very experienced in making these complex connections and the resulting actionable insights into a reality.

Gather and Store

Gather data from connected devices, in real time. Pull data from just a few or many devices, of the same or different types. DataCaliper can help connect all of your data from devices anywhere in the world, and gather it in one place for analysis. Data is a powerful, valuable asset... why not gather and keep all that’s possible?

Monitor and Manage

DataCaliper can also help to create management processes and practices for devices and data collection. DataCaliper knows the technologies, standards and best practices needed to build a quality IoT data management system.

Analyze and Visualize

Generate and distribute real-time data, analytics and insights. DataCaliper can help you to understand your data through beautiful, but effective, visualization techniques.

IoT Industry Solutions

  • Retail IoT
  • Industrial IoT
  • Medical IoT
  • Agricultural IoT
  • Fleet Management IoT
  • Smart City IoT
  • Utility/Energy IoT
  • Smart, Connected Products
  • Telecom IoT

Whether you’re looking to build a brand new IoT system, or plan to scale an existing IoT application, your business can lean on DataCaliper’s expertise in these technologies to make it happen.

How we can help:

Strategic IoT Consulting

  • Strategic IoT planning and road mapping
  • Business use-case development and evaluation
  • Technology stack choice assistance/guidance
  • IoT architecture planning and design
  • Integration systems design and guidance
  • Security strategy development and communication
  • Full IoT implementation planning, road mapping and strategy

Full-Cycle IoT Development

  • Firmware engineering and development
  • Data warehouse design and development
  • Data analytics (and visualizations)
  • Web and mobile application development (Hybrid, Native)
  • Network design and engineering
  • Security testing and correction
  • API design and deployment
  • Application design and deployment
  • Application support and maintenance

IoT Analytics

Development of custom IoT analytics solutions, dashboards, and robust analytic visuals and tools for connected devices and their data

IoT Application Maintenance and Support

DataCaliper’s robust technical support practices involves...

  • Identification of data quality/accuracy issues, application availability and usage issues
  • Cloud management and Continual upgrade (re)deployment
  • Security management and regulatory compliance review: network, server, database and application vulnerability reviews; infrastructure compliance reports; DDoS and APT avoidance...etc.
  • IoT solution Agility: application updates and enhancements can be made quickly and easily - to accurately reflect your complex and changing business needs

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