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Organizations that turn to software to solve problems and accelerate growth have an important question to answer; should they invest in a custom software solution or commit to an off-the-shelf product?

DataCaliper was built as a solution to the former – When custom software is the right choice, we have what it takes to turn those ideas for a solution into an effective reality. This requires strong collaboration and a deep understanding of our partner’s unique processes, challenges and needs.

Recently, custom software solutions have become more popular among mid and small-sized companies, both because of the incredible value they bring to users and a reducing set of costs.

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Benefits of Custom Software:

Both custom software and "off-the-shelf" solutions have their place, however, the advantages of a custom software solution from DataCaliper are numerous:

Mobile Applications

DataCaliper has embraced mobility and we believe strongly in the value-add potential of mobile connectivity for business. Nearly every sector of the market practically requires mobile apps to remain relevant today. Whether it’s iOS, Android, or Hybrid mobile development you need, our engineers can deliver the goods.

Legacy Systems/Re-Engineering

Innovation and continuous improvement are as fundamental to software life-cycles as they are necessary to stay competitive. Organizations with aging legacy systems will certainly learn this the hard way... With DataCaliper’s help, a company can re-vamp these systems, migrate from monolithic to microservices-based infrastructures, and enhance the feature-set of the existing solution. By the time we’re through, you’ll be left with a modern solution that's user-friendly, fast, and built with the front-lines of emerging technology.

Third-Party Application Services

While DataCaliper loves building software from scratch, our engineers also can support or take over solutions from third-party vendors which may not be performing, or have other negative characteristics affecting quality. The first step is always benchmarking the application's quality so our partners have a clear picture of what the system needs and how we’ll make it happen.

Full IP Ownership

DataCaliper’s partners enjoy full ownership of their IP. That means the product that we build for you is yours to do with what you like. License it out for profit, or keep the industry advantage to yourself – that freedom is yours with a custom-built solution from DataCaliper.


With a custom solution from DataCaliper, your solution is malleable. It can change with your evolving business, industry, market, and your specific needs. Custom solutions don’t have bulky, unused functions getting in the way, or poorly designed dashboards. We’ll build you a solution that’s just right.

Competitive Advantages

Unlike "off-the-shelf" software, proprietary custom software solutions can be a unique internal competitive advantage, and even increase company market valuation. A powerful solution can be the difference that propels an organization beyond its competitors, or which attracts the right investors.

Technology Options

With a custom software solution from DataCaliper, you have the choice of any technology stack. No need to bend and twist the tech in ways to force compatibility, like sometimes experienced with ‘off-the-shelf' products. DataCaliper is technology agnostic, meaning; we have engineers with experience in nearly all modern tech stacks and technology tools, and in this way, your custom solution won’t be limited by any compatibility issues.

Custom Software Development Services

DataCaliper employs a unique set of expertise, services and modern best-practices built to suit your custom software development needs. We have the experience of designing, building and implementing custom software solutions for clients in many sectors - from healthcare and pharmacy, government and non-profits, to eCommerce, retail and finance...and many, many more.

Enterprise Applications

DataCaliper’s team of experienced Software Engineers have the know-how to create robust ERP applications. Our solutions optimize business processes and increase efficiency, whether used in HR, Operation, Sales, Inventory Management, Accounting, or any other enterprise use-case.

SaaS Applications

DataCaliper has strong capabilities in the SaaS development space. Software as a Service brings with it unique challenges, but also unique advantages. Our software developers are well-versed in the design and development of these technologies, and are ready to help your company take advantage of the incredible value of SaaS business models.

HIPAA Compliant Applications

DataCaliper has extensive experience with HIPAA-compliance and regulation. Healthcare technology is one of the most innovative spaces in the industry today – and at DataCaliper, we’ve taken notice. Because our engineers handle the software application from architecture through delivery, we can apply our knowledge of HIPAA throughout to ensure it meets the strict guidelines and protects your clients’ personal data.

eCommerce Applications

Do you sell your products and/or services online? If so, a custom eCommerce application is a substantial competitive advantage. DataCaliper has the expertise required to build solutions which streamline payment, inventory, reporting, and security – all with a remarkable and memorable customer experience.

DataCaliper's Product Development Services:

From initial idea and planning phases to full build and deployment - DataCaliper can handle the entire SDLC. The software product development space is an area in which we are proud to say we excel - It's what we are built for.

As a complex software design company, DataCaliper requires solid logic, structure and accountability. DataCaliper is an Agile shop and utilizes the very greatest of modern best-practices. From planning through deployment, clear processes are the glue which keeps a project together, and moving ahead smoothly.

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