As a software company at heart, with products of our own (some of which have led to successful exits and are no longer posted here), we know what it takes to get technology projects done and done right. DataCaliper understands your struggles, because we’ve felt them ourselves. Most importantly - we’ve solved them.

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Capture team activity for meaningful decisions and work optimization, with GitClarity

GitClarity connects to Git-based code repositories, securely, and reads data (based on team activity) to help development leads identify problem areas and remedy those, optimize resources and work patterns and lean on clear reports generated by the software.



SightEZ was founded at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. The founders saw the worldwide struggle and chaos in controlling the disease.

SightEZ is the perfect tool to help organizations, both small and large, to manage their employees’ movement around the work location, buildings and inter-company offices by providing a network connected map of locations visited by every employee with freely volunteered data.

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