NetSuite Licensing & Implementation Services

As a NetSuite Solution Provider Partner, DataCaliper offers NetSuite licensing and sales, as well as customized, full life-cycle implementation services utilizing NetSuite’s experience-derived best practices combined with our software development and project management experience. We collaborate continually with your staff to verify that your implementation is done effectively while still allowing them to perform their day-to-day work with minimized interruption. At DataCaliper, we pride ourselves on developing a NetSuite implementation roadmap that is personalized enough to meet our customer’s needs, yet completed enough to mitigate any risks.

The following are the components of our NetSuite Implementation Life-Cycle:

Engagement Kickoff

The Engagement Kickoff meeting is the first strategic meeting with the entire project team and stakeholders. Project details (budget, timeline, high-level functionality, goals, and objectives) are communicated to the team by the project manager(s) and stakeholders.

Software Licensing and Environment Setup

NetSuite licensing is established and the environment is assigned to the Client.

Project Planning Phase

Project organization, team structure, roles/responsibilities, strategy, testing methodologies, quality, training, etc. are all discussed and agreed upon. The project management initiatives are organized and delivered as a written plan.

Requirements Definition & Design

The project team develops an understanding of the business through existing documentation, planning phase results, interviews, and/or design sessions with users, management, and technical infrastructure teams. DataCaliper consultants will offer standard best practice solutions.

Solution Design Phase

During the Solution Design Phase, the team will focus on reviewing requirements and any gaps that may be identified, documenting business processes, gathering data and integration requirements, and breaking them down into components to create an effective system design. Workflows and supporting data and system requirements are reviewed for users. From this gathered information a full strategy plan, design plan, and action plan is developed.

Application Configuration

During the Application Configuration Phase, the project team will take the gathered information from the design sessions and begin configuring the new instance. The purpose is to develop NetSuite configurations, set up the system parameters with the design specifications, and integrate NetSuite with all other outside applications to produce a clear-cut business solution.

Testing Phase

During the Testing Phase, our team will verify system readiness, functionality of business features and performance requirements, and obtain system acceptance from stakeholders and users before the final production rollout. Full unit and integration testing will be performed.

Unit Testing

Unit Testing is performed in a “testing environment” which client users and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) will be able to access and test pre-launch. During Unit Testing, the engineering team and SMEs will enact scripted processes in the NetSuite environment to ensure that all business requirements are met.

Integration Testing

The project team members will test the entire NetSuite environment including all workflows, cross-functional business processes, and integrations to ensure that the business requirements are met. End-to-end business processes will also be tested and approved prior to completing this stage.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

During UAT the user community will see a preview of the entire solution. All test scripts and requirements are tested to ensure the solution meets all expectations. The exit criteria will be a signed User Acceptance Testing Acceptance Certificate.


DataCaliper will train appropriate client personnel who will then conduct training of the internal user community. Training of the core team will be performed as one-on-one trainings with DataCaliper consultants - during Configuration and Unit Testing. Also, DataCaliper will gladly assist in future trainings as needed.

Deployment Phase

Upon reaching the Deployment Phase, your new solution is delivered and all of the logistical preparations are made. Immediately after golive, any cleanup, support or monitoring of the solution is completed.

Other “golive” preparations include preparing data for migrating from legacy systems by creating extract files and identifying new users that need to be set up in NetSuite.

Deployment activities often take place during non-business hours to minimize inaccessibility to the production environment culminating with the “go-live” event or the commencement of production activities by the end-users.

Support and Maintenance Phase

In the Support Phase, there is ongoing support provided by DataCaliper consultants as needed. This does not include the addition of new functionality (“Development Services”). Even with the most thorough testing before “golive”, there often may still be minor issues that need fixed. These are regularly found once the solution has been used in regular day-to-day operations.

Hear From Our Partners :

CHARLES BOYER - Sr. NetSuite Administrator - CORKCICLE

"...DataCaliper got more done in two hours than previous developers have gotten done in eight. Best of all, the proposed solution worked right - the first time. That's good for our bottom line, good for our business and most importantly - good for our customers."

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