SightEZ was founded at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. The founders saw the worldwide struggle and chaos in controlling the disease. While treatment options and vaccines are still evolving, a simple, easy to implement approach to controlling the disease’s spread was required. With the social pressure to open up the economy mounting and the need for everyday life activities to continue, the goal became a critical one; To provide a sense of safety to those venturing out. Thus, SightEZ was born - a contact tracing app for use both indoors and outdoors.

SightEZ is the perfect tool to help organizations, both small and large, to manage their employees’ movement around the work location, buildings and inter-company offices by providing a network connected map of locations visited by every employee with freely volunteered data.

Organizations can then collect employee mobility data and use the information for tracing back contacts and possible exposures in the event of a positive test result. A mobile app for employees and a web application for the organization work seamlessly together to analyze the data. The mobile app also serves as an information viewer about a location’s outbreak history, case numbers, etc. In addition, alerts and notifications can be sent out to users, containing informative health messages.

If you need a contact tracing application with survey features, location tracking, alert capabilities, and more - then SightEZ from DataCaliper is your answer !