Capture team activity for meaningful decisions and work optimization, with GitClarity..

GitClarity connects to Git-based code repositories, securely, and reads data (based on team activity) to help development leads identify problem areas and remedy those, optimize resources and work patterns and lean on clear reports generated by the software. All of this together leads to well-oiled software teams with higher productivity, less errors, less down-time, and more focus on what really matters.

About GitClarity

GitClarity was founded with the vision of optimizing development teams and building productivity gains. With most modern organizations having global workforces, distributed teams and multiple concurrent projects in-progress, project management can quickly become a major challenge. Even individual software developer productivity is greatly affected.

GitClarity eases team monitoring and provides data to show team drain, unproductive resources and problem areas in code. GitClarity connects seamlessly to Git based repositories in a secure manner and reads team activity. Using data collected, patterns are identified and shared via reports. GitClarity is bootstrapped by a team of DevOps engineers and is currently in Beta release.