Web Application for Pharmacy E-Commerce/Distribution Management

Problem Statement:

This client in the pharmacy retail sector had been left with poor systems due to their past unreliable technology partner. This customer needed a full revamp and persistent support/maintenance of its core systems and web applications to be used for their primary efforts in healthcare/pharmacy retail distribution, as well as the management involved in delivering these services to their clients.


DataCaliper redesigned and rearchitected a much needed new web application for this client with a variety of tools for analytics and data management, as well as full eCommerce functionality, user-specific experience and data reporting, and a clean, simple, effective UI. DataCaliper continues to actively manage and support these systems to this day.

Tech Stack: SpringBoot, Angular, CSS3, Azure App Service, PostgreSQL, Azure API Gateway

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DataCaliper’s Product & Application Engineering Services:

New Product Development High-quality SDLC service & support. Design, development, testing/QA & continued support for modern, application development
Product Re-engineering Add new features/functions to your current products/applications. Use modern emerging technologies to stay in ahead of the same, & continue scalability.
Technology Migration Migrate legacy techs to impressive, modern technologies in shorter time & at lower costs. Don’t let your tech fade away...
Integration Services Connect your products and/or tools with third-party systems, apps, etc..
Microservices Loose archaic Monolithic architecture for modern, smother, faster, & more reliable Microservices-based architectures.

DataCaliper’s Team-Extension Delivery Model (TED):

  • Remote, Global teams - Working w/ at least some significant time zone overlap daily.
  • Client/company/ brand pride, & project loyalty strongly encouraged.
  • Teams (including client) have constant access to leadership/technical management & the expertise required for proper direction & oversight.
  • 100% transparency, collaboration & control.
  • You know your business, we know tech - Together two teams become one.
  • Resources may be across the world, but feel just down the hall.
  • Emphasis on IP Protection, & Knowledge Retention.
  • Access to a pool of 1000’s of engineers, from college students, to 20+ year experts & leads.
  • Permanent Engineer assignments, & redeployable resources.
  • Fully White-Box

DataCaliper’s Focus Areas:

Adaptive UI, UX Engineering
Data Lake & Big Data Analytics
Blockchain & Payment Technologies
Cloud Strategy & Transformation
ERP, NetSuite, Enterprise Software
Mobile Development
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
NLP, Voice Interface & Chat Bots
MicroServices & Serverless Computing
QA Engineering, RPA & DevOps Automation

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