There are no unemployed, only the unemployable

We’ve all heard the story from the media. The recession has caused a lot of trouble for the average folks in the US who have been struggling to find jobs and unable to make ends meet. They are unable to pay their mortgages and several have lost their homes due to foreclosure. While this appears to be the sad state of the economy that the government is trying to help recover, at the other end of the spectrum, there are vast numbers of IT jobs that are lying unfilled. Companies are struggling to find quality technical talent.


So, what happened? At one end of the spectrum we have job seekers unable to find jobs and the other end of the spectrum we have job providers unable to find candidates. Clearly, our economy has transitioned, but our people have not.


Over the last 50 years, when manufacturing began to go overseas, the US economy fundamentally shifted to a services economy. As services became the driving force of the economy, the need to bring in efficiency and productivity arose. This happened with investment in Technology. With mainframe computers and complex Cobol programs, several applications were automated. With the advent of the internet this revolutionized the way people started to use technology. Suddenly companies were left to scramble to meet the demands of the new age. Soon, innovation kicked in and the internet started to change our shopping, banking and communication styles. Corporate organizations were now trying to provide solutions for this new age of behavior by create Software Applications. This caused a need to get quality resources that can come in and do the programming, etc. Unfortunately, people did not move up in their skills as fast as technology did and so we have several thousands of people who have not been able to find a job because of the failure to upgrade their skills. So, currently, there is a serious gap between folks looking for jobs and companies providing jobs.


Closing this gap is critical to keeping the US Economy healthy. The gap itself is an opportunity for organizations like DataCaliper. By providing quality training to individuals and corporations, individual skill sets are constantly being improved. The growth of technology hasn’t stopped. Not only do we need to catch up, but we need to keep pace with the growth. It’s imperative that our government takes drastic steps to address this imbalance.

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