Metadata and MDM

Metadata and MDM are the two pillars that will ensure Data Quality. As foundational elements, they are the first initiatives to be implemented as an organization goes towards data management. Metadata is more than just building a repository of your current data. At DataCaliper, we take an innovative approach to implement methods that make the creation of the repository an evolutionary process. Business is never constant and so is your data. It is thus very critical that your repository is able to adapt to your changing business needs.

Master Data Management (MDM) is traditionally used to drive BI initiatives and provide stakeholders of the organization with the gold standard of data. However, with current explosion in the number of data types and landscape changes in cloud computing and IaaS (infrastructure as a service), MDM itself has transition from its traditional role to an enablement role. Data is no longer in RDBMS tables and data warehouses and we have moved beyond classification of data into transactional and non-transactional data. With current device penetration, all kinds of structured and unstructured data exist, including data that change so dynamically that they become irrelevant by the time they are stored. It is thus a futile approach to implement a traditional MDM solution without understanding the overall Enterprise Architecture. At DataCaliper, we bring innovative, practical and common sense solutions in ensuring you have MDM that fits with your business needs and consumer behavior in the modern world.