Data Visualization

In a complex Enterprise, several applications are in active use by the user community. A natural evolvement creates a heterogeneous solution mix of applications dependent on each other. The dependency is often due to data and massive amounts of data are moved in the form of Nightly jobs, batch jobs, schedulers, etc. This data constitutes transaction data, social media, machine data, biometric data and human generated data. The movement of data across and within the enterprise is the lifeline of the Enterprise. This provides the connectivity between critical systems in the Enterprise. Streamlining this data movement is a specialized skill that can only be done by experts. In many organizations, this area offers significant process improvement opportunities in addition to ensuring enhanced data quality. Example: Redundant data during assimilation can have an impact all the way down in the SAN (Storage Area Network). Organizations fail to realize the investment needed in this area. A visual, graphical map of the data flow is the first step in understanding this complexity.